GVWR uprating

Chassis modifications can be made to increase the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of your vehicle. In many cases it is sufficient to fit additional air suspension to the rear axle to increase the maximum axle load and therefore the GVWR. In some cases it is also necessary to modify the front suspension.

All Goldschmitt suspension systems, including comfort suspensions, allow an increase in gross vehicle weight. By obtaining a certificate, it is possible to homologate the change in GVWR throughout the EU.

GVWR upgrades are available for most campers and some light trucks and pickups.

For information on how to increase the GVWR of your vehicle, please contact us by e-mail.

Legal notice

If you increase the GVWR above 3500 kg, your vehicle will be downgraded to a higher toll class. In addition, the same rules apply as for commercial vehicles, such as maximum speed limits, no overtaking and a different driving licence category. The only exception for campervans is the recording of driving times (tachograph), which is not compulsory.

However, drivers of vehicles that have been converted to over 3500 kg are advised to check the legislation in each country before setting off.