Full air suspension

Full air suspension replaces the existing steel springs with air bellows. Full air suspension allows up to three or four pre-set vehicle height levels for a two-channel system (rear wishbone only) or four-channel system (rear and front wishbones). The four-channel system also allows automatic levelling of the parked vehicle, which is particularly desirable for motorhomes.

Full air suspension offers maximum driving comfort as the pressure in the bellows varies in proportion to the load on the vehicle, ensuring constant suspension firmness. The vehicle height can also be adjusted to suit your preference.

It is computer controlled and fully automatic, allowing the vehicle to remain at a constant height regardless of the load. The system is controlled via a touch screen display, which also shows the current suspension status. A simplified module (IP67 rated) with push buttons is also available, particularly suitable for specialist vehicles.

Full air suspension kits are available for most light commercial vehicles and motorhomes (AL-KO and conventional chassis). They also include all the necessary documentation for type approval.