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Goldschmitt aluminium wheels combine high load capacity with elegant design and the best quality.

Many of us choose wheels based on aesthetic preferences, but it’s not just the visual quality that matters, but also the technical sophistication. Compared to their car counterparts, caravan and commercial vehicle wheels must have a much higher load capacity. Goldschmitt aluminium wheels fulfil this task perfectly. This is one of the reasons why they have been used for many years by motorhome owners, coachbuilders and vehicle manufacturers alike. For some, wheels are simply a styling accessory, while others need a solution to make specific modifications within the weight limits. The wheels have an impressive design and enormous load capacity, making them ideal for loading your motorhome. As with all Goldschmitt products, the quality of the aluminium wheels is paramount.

Goldschmitt wheels are also suitable for winter conditions.

You can view the current range of wheels on the manufacturer’s official website: CLICK

GSM 8 6×16″, 5×118/130 mm, ET 68 mm, carrying capacity 1200/1350 kg
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